Do You Need Tools to Lay Tiles?

Do You Need Tools to Lay Tiles?


Do You Need Tools to Lay Tiles?

If you are trying this for the first time & whether you have done it a lot, or if it’s your first time, laying tile can seem like a different task. So many steps to follow, and more importantly, so many different tools to be used!  Let’s break the process down a bit and o into some detail on exactly what tools you need to lay tile.


As your very first steps will be measuring and cutting your tiles for your Granite Countertops

.For this, you will need several tools to work with, many of which you likely already have laid in your garage & have not been used for ages.

For this step you will need the following tools:


Tape Measure:

You would require the tape to measure the area where you wish to lay tiles & to measure the cutting of tiles to fix proper measurements.

Permanent Marker:

The marker is required to mark the measurements with on the project area & to shape the tiles for cutting.


Leveling Pipe:

To lay the tiles in a level & not slanting. You would need a water leveling pipe.


Tile Saw:

As tiles cannot be cut with normal tools. You would require a tile cutting saw which is specially designed to cut tiles.

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